Tips to Help Get Organized…

If you’re like me, you need to write something down or else you’ll forget to do it.  Trying to get everything done during the day is hard.  Forgetting to do something puts you in a panic once you realize you forgot to do it!

I have some tips that I learned along the way to help me stay focused and organized.  First rule:  only touch something once.  For example, once you open that piece of mail, file it immediately if no action is required.  This will prevent your piles from becoming even bigger.

Second, have your bills sent electronically.  Going paperless is great for the environment and it will help make spare room in your filing cabinets.

Third, shred any old bills that are more than 3 years old.  (Check your state statute of limitations since each state varies).  While preparing for filing my taxes this year, I found I was holding on to water and gas bills from the year we bought out house!

Fourth, try to set a goal to complete one task at a time.  Instead of getting overwhelmed and not completing any of your tasks, just checking off one item on your list can give you a boost of confidence to push on to the next item.

And, lastly, set aside an hour to file that large pile of papers sitting on your desk, or floor, if the case may be!   Once you start filing, you’ll find that once the hour is up, you’re in such a groove to finish, that  you’ll complete the filing in one sitting.

I know, I know, it all sounds simple to do “on paper”.  However, getting things checked off your to do list will leave more room for relaxing in the evening and spending your weekends doing fun things with your friends and family.

Now, if only I could remember where I put my list?




Choosing Invitations

My husband and I were thinking about hosting a small Superbowl party but it is kind of last-minute… like in 4 days.  So what is the best way to get the word out? Do I just e-mail the guests or should I use an online invitation site like evite?  I know using evite will look nicer but e-mailing is a heck of a lot faster… decisions, decisions. 

Previously, I have used Vistaprint to print invitations, I have purchased packages of invitations to handwrite, I have ordered invitations from a printer, and I have printed my own invitations on a color printer so I have lots of experience.  There’s something about getting an invitation in the mail that I like.  Even though I go right to my computer to enter into my Outlook calendar, I still have a special folder on my desk that holds invitations.   It’s the piece of paper to go back to in case I need directions or a phone number. 

When it comes to creating an invitation, a lot of it has to do with creativity.  I am only a little creative.  I need lots of help so I bookmark templates and design ideas when I check out websites with invitations.   I find that many websites have either too much or not enough.  I don’t know what the right amounts of choices are… but often, I have to compromise.  

I do think online invitations are the future.  I was searching the web for other free invitation sites and didn’t come up with anything better than evite.  I liked a site called greenvelope but it was definitely geared towards fancier affairs [or that’s what its home page led me to believe].   I did like their premise that you can have a fancy invitation for a fancy affair and do it without paper, saving trees and, being eco-friendly.  That is one of my favorite things about our business,–  No packaging, no boxes, no wrapping paper, no cards – – totally eco-friendly!

When using online invitations with, you can cut and paste a direct link to your registry in the invitation.  You can also invite family and friends through to check out your registry, sending the e-mail directly from the registry itself.  If you go the paper route, you can download our template for business card size registry cards to add to your invitation mailing, or print them to labels and stick on the invitation itself.  There are lots of choices to tell your family & friends about your registered child!