Take time to smell the roses…

I can’t believe my oldest daughter will be 8 years old next week.  To be exact, “nine days and counting,” as I was informed this morning by Alison.  And, if you want to get technical, she’s been counting down the days since she turned 7!

It’s like this every year.  Where to have their next birthday party is a major event to look forward to as a kid.  And, why not?  That’s how it should be when you’re a kid.  Because after all, you are a kid.  Now is the time to enjoy being young and carefree.  There will be plenty of time after your education to join in real life and all the responsibilities  that comes with it.

As a parent, it is our role to guide our children into mature, caring citizens.  We must thank teachers and other relatives and friends who also act as role models in our children’s lives.

It takes a village to raise a child.  I’d like to think that that child also aids in the value of your life as well.  Why not take some of their youth into your own life and drive with the windows down in your car and let your hair down?   Take a deep breath and kick back every once in a while.

Why is it that when you are young, you want to be older, and as you age, you want to be younger?  I know one thing holds true for all, take time and enjoy each day as best you can.  You’ll be a better person for it.





Out of the mouths of babes…

Last night when my husband, Doug, was tucking in our youngest daughter for bed, 5-year-old Lauren said, “Daddy, I can read the sign over my bed.  ‘Lauren’s Parking Only’.”

Doug: “That’s right!  That means that only Lauren sleeps in her bed.  Mommy and Daddy should get signs for over their bed too since Mommy and Daddy are the only ones who sleep in their bed.”

Lauren:  “Mommy should have her own sign that says ‘Mommy’s Parking Only’, and Daddy’s should say ‘Daddy’s Parking Only’. And, then in middle, it should say ‘Guest Parking’.”

Who can argue with that cuteness?  I guess she’ll be sleeping with us forever!

Teaching Kids About Money

Now that my youngest has entered elementary school, I can finally breathe a little easier knowing both girls are on the same schedule.  At least during the school day!  However, with elementary school welcomes a lot of new friends.  Our once preschool small knit family has now morphed into double, even triple the amount of school friends in our lives.  I’m not complaining, I believe in social interaction amongst kids, but when it comes to birthday party planning, I need help!

Try telling your child he/she can only invite “x” number of friends to their party.  It can get out of control, and expensive! And, furthermore, I don’t’ even know the parents of these “new” friends/classmates!  So, what’s a mom to do?

I encountered this dilemma 2 years ago with my oldest daughter.   The solution:  registered Alison at triplethegift.com and was able to put her registry number and information on the invitation.  That way, the moms I didn’t know were able to look at the registry and see Alison’s gift choices.

Upon receiving college savings as well as donating money to her favorite charity, Alison was able to receive a gift card and purchase her own gift. Not only is she understanding the value of the dollar, but she also gets to pick out the gift of her choice.

As explained in The Complete Idiot’s Guide to a Well-Behaved Child, “kids need to know how the economy works. No, not stocks, interest rates, and world markets!  I mean the basic ins and outs of a family economy. You can start when your kids are very young by helping them understand the difference between needs and wants, that money comes from working, what money looks like, and that everybody has a job (a kid’s job is to learn things, to play, and to participate in the family). As they get older (once they know that a nickel is worth less than a dime, even though it’s larger), you can talk with them about credit cards, bank interest, and so on. Kids can learn about budgeting from the time they are about seven. Remember that a solid money education is one of the best tools you can give your kids—it will aid them the rest of their lives.“