Have an Eco-Friendly Christmas!

If you’re like me, going out in the cold during the Holiday season to buy  gifts is not my cup of tea.  In fact, I’d rather be at home drinking tea while ordering online!  Another reason I like shopping online is the fact that it is convenient and eco-friendly.

According to the December 4th online story by Benjamin Koconis of The Washington Informer, “Online holiday spending in general is up from last year.  ‘For the holiday season-to-date, $11.64 billion has been spent online, marking a 13-percent increase versus the corresponding days last year,’ comScore said.”

The article continues, that “For many shoppers, the hustle and bustle of large shopping malls is more trouble than it’s worth, leaving them searching for other ways to buy gifts. Online shopping provides a comfortable alternative to many of the pitfalls associated with holiday shopping, such as traffic congestion, large crowds, and physical fatigue.”

Ordering online with triplethegift.com not only saves you money on gas, but also offers no packaging, no wrapping paper and no trips to the Post Office.  Since delivery trucks are not involved, using a service like triplethegift.com is the best way to make your holiday shopping Eco-friendly!




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